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Chipotle Sauce Powder Mix


Doña Licho sauce is a living heritage of Mexico’s flavors. A family recipe from Veracruz that has been passed down through generations, delighting the palates of thousands of people who, without a doubt, always say “it’s hot, but good”.

Doña Licho sauce is a delicious and daring combination of chillies and spices with high quality standards. The powder mix presentation is easy to prepare, yields a good quantity and is versatile so it can be used in the most traditional dishes or to encourage the creation of new recipes.

shared his knowledge and creativity in a series of videos showing previously unpublished recipes where Doña Licho sauce lends its unique flavor.

The recipes will be shared with the public through our website and our social media:

A recipe created from love

Since 1940, Lichita (Doña Licho) was the pillar of her family. Back then, she knew the power of love and the pain of being a widow, after her beloved husband Isaías gave his life for his country during the constitutionalist movement of Venustiano Carranza.
Inspired by the love letters that Isaías sent her, the exuberant gastronomy of Veracruz and her prodigious cooking skills, Doña Licho gave free reign to her passion for sauces, chilies and spices, which left a long-lasting impression on her family, locals and visitors, who would wait for their turn every day to try the delightful dishes served on her table.

Salsa Doña Licho, it’s hot, but good!

Yours truly,

Adriana Delgado Ruiz
General Director